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Club ABDL venueThe next Club ABDL is our October party.  The venue is Akhnaton just a few minutes from Central Station in the heart of Amsterdam.

Club ABDL is a bi-monthly munch for all kinds of diaper lovers. You can have a drink at the bar, play cards at a table, or lounge on the sofa. And for the little ones there’s a small play corner. There is no dresscode but we do have a ‘no nudity’ rule. That includes wearing just see-through plastic pants! Most people will wear a diaper and a T-shirt, or a diaper and a onesie, dungarees, a cute dress or normal casual clothes. There is a changing area upstairs. We provide baby wipes and powder, and we sell diapers (loose ones or a pack) at the wardrobe. And our ABDL girl Emma will be host for the party.

Admission for Club ABDL members is €10 which you can pay on the door or in advance online soon. It’s free to become a member by filling in the form below.

    • Online Early Bird tickets are on sale soon for our Summer Party. €10 including a free M or L diaper.
  • If you’re already registered you do not need to register again. If you don’t register in advance then membership will cost €5,00 plus the €10 admission charge.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the venue.
  • We only allow wet diapers at Club ABDL.
  • Many people ask what we do with your email address. All we do is email you information about the next party. We never pass it on to anyone else.
  • Got questions? Send an email to:



To become a Club ABDL member just register your name and email address below. Membership is free.


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